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baby anders still in the circle all blushy and cute uwu

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Don’t worry dear Inquisitor.

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« You can heal him, can’t you, Anders? You can heal anyone »

« Merrill… he’s gone »

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how small is this goddamn pig

this pig is unreal

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just thinking about a day when the mages of thedas are free, and anders’ actions are a sleight of history’s hand, a scar on the past. little mage children think of him as a hero when they put their heads to their pillows, as though he holds their hands when they enter the fade that night

and varric, old and gray, chest hair a silver forest rather than a gold, sighs and shakes his head and chuckles to think of it. the most honest of all stories is a smile.




one of these things is not like the other

I wouldn’t be so sure about that.

I can’t wait for the Steam community to come back to this post after the game comes out and they understand.


So I found out the Elven Inquisitor will start as spy and I uhhhhh

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